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Lead with Love

As I sit here, like many of you, I am scrambling my personal and professional schedule with the Coronavirus outbreak front and center and all the crazy logistics that entails; school closings, remote work policies and keeping myself and my family calm, healthy and happy during an otherwise very hectic and stressful time.   Let’s [...]

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Up & Up

Today started like most days.  Up early, Peloton workout, email starting beeping at 6:20am.  So much to do. Do our to-do lists ever get shorter? Nope. No chance.   What do I/we have to say about that?   Maybe today was a little different. I’m finally sitting down here writing something down after a year [...]

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Changing the World…Together

I've worked in philanthropy for my entire career. Indeed, coming up on 27 years - really hard to believe. I've had great jobs, tough jobs, amazing bosses, crazy bosses, access to incredible philanthropists and people and have mentored and coached super talented young fundraisers and I've been blessed with mentors and people to look up [...]

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Make Failure Your Fuel

As summer and my birthday approach this time of year I am always reminded of how we are constantly afforded the opportunity for new beginnings.  Graduations, summer adventures, old chapters closing and new doors opening.  Yes, it’s a romantic view of our time rotating around the sun and no surprise, I’m a sucker for commencement [...]

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