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Featured as a Modern Women Making Waves

For Sterrin Bird, founder of Pacific Advancement Partners, nonprofits are never ‘business as usual’ – creative and innovative thinking can support their missions with maximum positive impact. A nationally recognized leader in the nonprofit community, Sterrin has more than 25 years of experience in service to philanthropy, with an emphasis in capital campaigning and major gifts.

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Rogare: The Fundraising Think Tank – Philanthropy Consultant

Rogare: The Fundraising Think Tank As a Philanthropy consultant I realized that our modern society, particularly in North America, celebrates independence, forward thinking and innovation with a fervor that is deafening. That's why the focus of this article is Rogare: The Fundraising Think Tank. Our freedom, independence and self-reliance is acknowledged, recognized and celebrated as [...]

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Reflections from The Marymount Alumna of the Year

I was the Marymount Alumna of The Year It isn’t very often that we are afforded the benefit of time in our busy lives to pause and reflect about our path and the twists and turns that have led us to where we are today with a full understanding of of the impact that people [...]

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Role of Advancement in Public Higher Education

Role of Advancement in Public Higher Education According to the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) in Washington DC, as of 2004, more than 200 universities in the United States had endowments worth more than $200 billion.    The size of those endowments has undoubtedly shifted with the current economic climate and particularly as a result [...]

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